James KallasCEO and Managing Director

Areas of expertise
  • Investment Structure
  • Business transformation
  • Restructuring and turnaround
  • Integration
  • Growth strategy
  • M&A transaction support

James (Jim) Kallas is a distinguished executive with an impressive track record spanning over four decades in leading and scaling businesses to success. His expertise, primarily honed in sectors demanding high operational excellence and strategic growth, has positioned him as a visionary leader in the international business arena. Mr. Kallas’s professional journey is marked by a significant tenure at Compass Group, where he dedicated 30 years of service, including 20 years in the pivotal role of Division President. In this capacity, Mr. Kallas oversaw operations generating over $500 million in revenue, extending across 30 states, demonstrating his adeptness at managing large-scale, complex business environments.

Following his remarkable career at Compass Group, Mr. Kallas embarked on a new venture by founding Triton Global Capital (TGC), driven by a noble mission to assist families in achieving their dreams and contributing to the expansion of the U.S. workforce. His transition to entrepreneurship was fueled by a deep understanding of the intricacies of international investment and a commitment to fostering economic growth and opportunities.

Despite the global slowdown caused by the pandemic, which put many businesses on hold, Mr. Kallas’s resilience and strategic foresight never wavered. He continued to offer his consultancy services, leveraging his vast experience to guide businesses through turbulent times. His strategic decision to engage with TGC and lead as its principal was a testament to his unwavering dedication to creating synergies that promote international investment success and support the firm’s growth trajectory.

Mr. Kallas’s leadership philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that success in the international investment landscape requires not only financial acumen but also a profound commitment to the well-being and prosperity of the families and communities involved. His approach combines strategic investment practices with a humanitarian outlook, ensuring that TGC not only achieves its financial goals but also makes a significant positive impact on society.

Under Mr. Kallas’s guidance, TGC is poised to continue its path of success, navigating the complexities of international investment with integrity, innovation, and a focus on creating lasting value for investors, families, and the broader community.

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